Post Dorming Feels

The weather has become bitter and quite bipolar here in New York City, anyone with heartbeat can tell you they’re tired of it. Nonetheless, the holiday decorations are helping them get through the week as it comes to it’s end. It also means my time living in Manhattan is coming to a close– which quite honestly is making me a little sad for a few reasons.

First reason being is that I have just completed one of the most valuable internships that I’ve had thus far. Every semester I seek for an internship to take on, some even extending to a full school year. With all of them being located in Manhattan you can only imagine how easily accessible these opportunities are. This past Summer my internship at Cyverasia began at the top of June into mid August. I returned to the digital agency for the Fall semester in September into December. Tuesday was my last day with a wonderful team, the company, and it’s humbling office. If you asked me about my experience with Cyverasia I can go on and on. But in a snapshot I’ve learned and expanded my knowledge on the digital ad industry, as well as gained a bunch of skills that I can carry on with me in my career. My supervisors were always there to answer questions and encourage the work I’ve done, whether it was research or video editing they made sure I was confident with my progress all throughout. I couldn’t thank them more than I already have.

As a going away present they gave me a Chewbacca Tsum Tsum, as to which I almost cried of happiness.

My time in Manhattan has also given me the space to grow as an adult. Yup, one of the scary things in life that we all must go through. Others may not enjoy it, but I can say that I have made the best of it and actually like being an adult! From managing my time between school/work/socializing (still a work in progress), to writing up my list of groceries for the week, all in all it was a great time. Although I was quite independent already, I’ve found a new sense of independence while living away from my family– still love them though. Especially when it came to exploring the city and what it had to offer, which resulted in countless adventures. With Manhattan being a major transportation hub in and out of the city, I was able to travel near and far with friends and family to these adventures. That has to be one of the most valuable aspects about living in the city.

I said a good chunk as to what I will miss about living in Manhattan, but I think the following stands out to me the most: leaving my roommate Shannen. It was a stroke of luck that Shannen and I had become good roommates. Especially because FIT kind of threw us freshman into a pool and said, “go find your roommate in this knock off Facebook we made and that only us thought was cool.” Although I’ve reached out to multiple people after reviewing their profiles, Shan was one of the first to reply. Since moving in together Freshman year we never looked back. For the past two and a half years we’ve been roommates and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Through all the adventures, countless trips to the Thai place around the corner, irrational shopping trips, melodrama, chai lattes from Starbucks, parties, and nights in Shan stuck it out with me. We’re both not perfect but we work well together and that to me is what makes a great roommate. It’s been a fantastic run, and maybe sometime in the future we are roommates again. I could go on about how much I’m going to miss Shan, but we would have to go through at least a box of tissues, some chocolate, and maybe a pint of ice cream.

If you have made it this far in my semi-sappy first post I welcome you to my blog that I’ll be using to record and reflect my travels during my time in Italy, as well as any other travels taken place here in the States. With every good chapter in life, another one opens up. Studying abroad in Italy is my new chapter and I’m looking forward to it more than ever.

With this at hand, I’d like to tell you that all is well.