Dear Home…

Dear Home,
I’m sorry to say but I might be falling in love. In love with someone that isn’t you, that isn’t familiar but might replace you. Someone who has charisma and charm. They offer the world at my fingertips, yet still feels oh too familiar.

I’m sorry to say New York City, but you might have to share your special place in my heart with Florence. My arrival to Italy was a wild one, with flight changes, and possibly the longest day ever. But finally I got the very regal looking key to my apartment that I share with five beautifully humble roommates. We roamed the town and had drinks to go around our first night. Toasting to the semester ahead of us. Orientation came and went, filled with information that is useful.
So far our nights consist of planning and booking trips across Europe for our weekends ahead. All while eating spoonfuls of cheap yet amazingly delicious pasta, and sipping on either a glass of wine or a beer. Later in the night our new friends would join and we would head out to a newly discovered bar or club. Jet lag hasn’t kicked in mentally but definitely physically after a late night. Everyday has a late start which we regret because it leaves us less time with the foreign city we live in. Nonetheless we find ourselves finding new places and taking a trip to the must see, that is now our backyard.
The cobble stone streets lead into large plazas or side streets. Rule of thumb in New York is to stay away from small dark side streets. But in Florence they lead to local foods, or your new favorite cafe ( a cappuccino and croissant for €2.50!!). The cultural and authentic architecture encourages you to go around town and make the city your own. There’s a humbleness within the city that makes you want to stay, but she also wants you to go.
Class has started as of 06/02/017 (in Europe they switch day and month). So far I can say my professors are delightful and encourage students to be their very best. Classes are on the other side of town, but only a 10 minute walk. Note that everything on the map looks farther away than it actually is. Everything can be reached within 10-15 minutes walking, unless you’re on the other side of the bridge.
Overall Florence is a dream, and home to me for now. But no worries New York you’re still home to me, and I hope you’re doing just as swell.



  1. So glad you are doing Swell in Florence and having a time of your life. We missed you at home and can’t wait to see you in April. Love you!


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