7 Tips on Experiencing the Best of Barcelona in One Day

But first sangria please.

This past weekend I took a weekend trip to the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. Where I met Connor at our hotel (he is visiting Europe for 10 days!!). My day of departure was a crazy one, flying out of Pisa. First off let me tell you, if there is the slightest bit of fog ANYWHERE in Italy you’re pretty much fucked in terms of flying (excuse my language). Affordable airlines like Ryanair and Vueling usually will not fly because conditions aren’t suitable. Once arriving to my gate and waiting in line for boarding to begin, there is an announcement that there was a 10 minute delay. Ten minutes turned into two and a half hours. My original ETA to Barcelona was around 11:40, I arrived to Barcelona at 3PM. Partially due to our arrival to Girona’s airport, a city and hour north of Barcelona– hence why flights were relatively cheap. Thanks Ryanair.

Our Friday in Barcelona was pretty much shot after my late arrival and a temporary stomach bug Connor caught after eating bad calamari. We did go out for dinner where locals eat and had fantastic paella and sangria. Since we had only one full day and a morning left in Barcelona we decided to book an all-day tour that would take us to the main attractions and provide priority entrance to certain places.

Probably one of the best decision I have made so far while traveling (thanks for the tip Mom and Dad!). The tour had an early start, bright and early at 8:30 AM. The tour included all the major attractions, van transportation, and the priority entrance tickets. But I’ve learned a lot on this tour on how to get the best out of these spots in Barcelona.

How to get the best of…

  1.  MontjuïcTake the cable car to the top, you will not regret the panoramic view.
  2. Sagrada FamiliaGo to the public park, Plaça de Gaudi across the street for the best picture with the basilica. On the opposite side of the lake there is a small opening with a view of the whole basilica.
  3. Sagrada FamiliaVisit twice (or stay there the whole day) in the morning and at sunset, the colors used for the windows on the main facades of the building are different. Sunrise: reds, oranges, yellows. Sunset: blues, greens, purples; representing life and death.img_3453
  4. Lunch time: eat lunch around 1PM, in Spain lunch is usually 3PM this will help beat the crowd. Highly suggest eating at Cheese Me!
  5. Parque Güell: visit the market place below the terrace with the longest tiled bench. It will be less crowded and still give you the beautiful view of the city. (Personally my favorite part).
  6. La Pedera: Visit closer to closing time, where it would be less crowded and more room to admire the architecture. The audio tour starts from the roof down to the main floor.img_3515
  7. Brunch: On Sunday all the shops are closed, but some restaurants are open. A friend of ours suggested Brunch & Cake, but due to the long wait we ate across the street at  Bodega GranadosIMG_3521.JPG

Barcelona was absolutely beautiful, I wish I had more time to leisurely roam the streets and visit the beach. Someday I will return, but for now I can say my visit was swell.

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