The Danish rumors are true…

It’s just not fair.Danish people are too damn pretty. So pretty it makes you feel like that old piece of gum under the table of your favorite bar.

About two weeks ago I visited Copenhagen, Denmark for the weekend with my friend Jeff. Copenhagen was lined with Danish houses, trailed with cobblestone streets, threaded with a mild mist, and filled with charm. To get to the quaint yet bustling city we had to take a train, to a bus, to a plane, to a metro. Our hostel the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel had a trendy bar below that served visitors in their 20’s, either carrying a large backpack or keeping watch of their carry on. There were wooden tables sprinkled with empty steins either half full or lined with foam from Carlsberg beer.

After checking in and dropping our carry ons in our respective rooms, we had decided to rent bikes through a nifty app called Donkey Republic. It’s a 24/7 bike rental service with hotspots scattered across selective cities that hold bright orange bikes that can be rented for a low rate. We rode through the brisk cold air absorbing our surroundings of the city, fully embracing the most popular form of Danish transportation.

Three hours have gone and we came back to shower and catch dinner at our hostel. Upon returning I had met more of my hostel roommates who come from all over. Starting from Norway, England, Sweden, Spain, China, and Holland. All of us gathered to meet a few more people downstairs for dinner. As we sat happy hour had begun allowing one to have a stein of Carlsberg for 50DKK, an equivalent to $7.14– and you’re going to tell me happy hour at hostels aren’t happy. Happy hour followed with a night at a relatively popular lounge around the corner.

The next morning Jeff and I had decided to go on the city’s free three hour walking tour. We *highly* recommend it, the guides are extremely knowledgeable of Copenhagen’s history and take you to all of the must see spots in the city. From the oldest gay bar in the world, the Queen’s palace, to Nyhavn we both thoroughly enjoyed the tour and our guide. They are all volunteers who genuinely love their extremely liberal city. Also known as the happiest city in the world for the past five years. College students get paid 1000DKK a month to attend college. Uhm hello America???

Afterwards we met up with a hostel friend Carla to take a walk to the famous Christiana, a neighborhood known for its local weed stands, graffiti art, and very independent lifestyle. If you thought Copenhagen the city was liberal, wait until you go to this special neighborhood. I do admit it isn’t the prettiest but it’s definitely interesting to see how the way of life is there.

The following day Jeff, our new hostel friend Margery, and I decided to have a late start to the day, we got brunch on a street nearby. Now let me tell you I’m a huge advocate for brunch any time of the day, whenever. But I will specifically go back to Copenhagen for their brunch. It’s not a once in awhile outing there but rather a way of life. A way of life that I want to live. Every. Single. Day.

Our day went on to biking to the Carlsberg Brewery where you learn about the Danish beer’s history, creators, process, and of course have your two free pints. I will be honest… Heineken Experience was better than Carlsberg’s Exbeerience. Just saying! Nonetheless their beer is fantastic.

To close out our weekend trip the three of us biked around the city more and had a couple of drinks at our hotel’s happy hour followed by a late dinner that made us realize we should’ve ate at actual restaurants more. But  you live and learn.

Overall Copenhagen was a lovely town and a great getaway. I don’t think I will be visiting again anytime soon. Like most Nordic countries they are very similar and live a very relaxed lifestyle. To say the least my time in Copenhagen was swell.

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