This might sound pretty shitty but…

I’m ready to come home, it’s been a good run.

As crazy as it sounds, I am ready to come home. My time here in Europe has been an amazing one. It was filled with adventure, friends, laughter, and memories to last a life time. But I’m ready to go.
Don’t get me wrong I appreciate and love being here. I’ve treasured and valued every aspect of being abroad to the fullest. And I’m forever greatful to have had this opportunity.

But the thing is I feel like it’s a never ending vacation. That I’ve put my whole life on pause to have this incredible experience and I’m ready to get back to real life. While the traveling is an exciting and irreplaceable experience it does tire one out. I feel the need to feel productive. Yes,I am here for school but it’s not the same as working.
In New York I’m use to the lifestyle of always having to balance everything out. From school, internship, club, socializing, and family. In Florence I find myself enjoying where ever the wind takes me without an end goal at times.

I felt that this should be shared because there are people who feel a similar feeling. It’s completely natural to miss home or to also be ready to go home. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be here. Nor does it mean that I do not appreciate the time I’ve had and still have here. It’s a reflection upon the time that I’ve had in Florence, and a positive one at that. This isn’t a negative feeling, and I don’t know if I could qualify this as a positive feeling either. But for the lack of better terms I’m content with my time in Europe.

Similarly to if someone loves apple pie, and eats it every day for four months straight. They still love apple pie but eventually they would want to move onto something else. It doesn’t mean they don’t like it anymore, but they just need something new to cleanse their palette in order to enjoy apple pie again.

I really hope that last analogy made sense as to how I’m feeling these last couple of week in Florence. I truly do love the city and what it has to offer; this goes for Europe as well. I’m not quite done exploring it but I think it’s time to visit a new part of the world for a bit before I return.

I still have a bit of time with you Florence, but to say the least you’ve been swell.

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