We got kicked out of a hotel in the Amalfi Coast

We honestly didn’t do anything, I swear.

It’s the final countdown and this would be our last trip of the semester. The Amalfi Coast. We decided to book with SmartTrip, where we had our lovely tour guide Jen (discount code: JENNIFER25) and Nick (discount code: NICK25). We’ve had Jen on our wine tour at the beginning of the semester, so everything came in full circle.

The tour for this weekend was jam packed. We would arrive at Sorrento to our hostel, Blue Village at 2:30AM and would have be on the bus at 6:30AM for Capri.


We took the bus to the ferry that would take us to Capri, a total of about an hour and half traveling time. Initially you can tell the city was tourist dependent but it was beautiful to see all of the boats at bay against the mountains. We took a tram up the mountain to the city center, which was lined with high end stores and hotels on the side roads. We then paid a 1.80€ for the local bus up to AnaCapri where it would be the halfway point up the mountains. AnaCapri was beautiful and quaint, the people were humble and the atmosphere was relaxed.

It seems that the higher we go up this mountain the views and time gets better. So we decided to take the single chair chair-lift, Mont Solaro up to the peak of the mountain. It was a 30 minute ride with unforgettable views. Definitely one of the most unique ways to transport if you ask me.

At the top there is an established lookout point, accommodated with a restaurant bar that made you feel like you were on someone’s patio. We walked around for a bit until I went off on my own. I noticed people were able to hike into the off limit greenery and get a better picture of the view. In my sandals I hiked down and joined the few older men with their professional cameras. The view had instantly gotten better. I stayed there a bit until the rest of the gang had come around to that side of the mountain and called them down to join me.

Later that day we had gone on a boat tour around the island. The water was stunning along with the island itself. Our end destination was Blue Grotto, a UNESCO sight that cannot be missed while in the Amalfi Coast. You are transported onto a smaller rowing boat and must duck when entering the cove. But once further into the cove it was absolutely stunning. The water glowed against the darkness, and voices echoed off the walls. It was probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

The next day was a full beach day at Positano, with a departure time at 8:45AM and only a hour ride. From there we were dropped at the midpoint of the mountain but where the city had started. Our walk down was filled with local shops that offered lemon themed everything. From aprons to wine stoppers. Everything had a lemon on it. The city itself had its own flare and charm. With pathways of stores going up and down the mountain brought life and joy to anyone who had passed by. The beach was pebbly rather than sandy. We rented out chairs for 10 euros each for the whole day. It came with bathrooms, changing rooms, and umbrellas. The day was relaxing

That night we had decided to watch the sunset on the beach. We stumbled upon a hotel, the Mar Hotel Alimuri Spa, it had access to the beach. At first our intentions were to go to the beach but decided to explore the hotel. From the lobby, to the event room, to the patio out back where guests were having drinks. We weren’t disturbing anyone, but it was clear that the guests were bothered by us. Soon enough we were asked leave the premises. Apologies to the guest!


Our last day on the coast was spent in Pompeii visiting the ruins. We had decided upon the tour guide option which is a decision we do not regret. It was extremely insightful on how the Pompeiani had previously lived. It was one of the few tours that I enjoyed due to our tour guide who was energetic for her age. Afterwards we took our tour bus to Mt. Vesuvius, where we climbed to the top into the clouds. The experience was a memorable, the hike was painful.

My time in the Amalfi Coast was one of my favorite trips. It was filled with great memories, company, and itinerary. For places that need a island hopping to make the destination worth while, I rather have  someone else plan the itinerary. SmartTrip did an excellent job with planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast.


Amalfi Coast is a place where I would love to visit again because I know all would be swell.

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