Dear Florence…

It’s not what it looks like… I promise I’ll be back.

It’s been about a week since I got home and I can say that I miss it. It was a bit funny to adjust to something that you know you’re suppose to be use to but not. In a previous post I have shared my feelings of wanting to come home. I can say that I still stand by that. Florence has given me all the time and days it had, along with the other beautiful cities that I’ve traveled to. But after a while I felt the need of direction in my life, not temporary excitement for the next weekend trip. I wanted to work, and work is what I’ll do as a #discoveryINtern at Discovery Communications.

My time in Florence was unforgettable and irreplaceable. The cities I’ve seen were magnificent, and the people I’ve traveled with made the time better. It was an experience that I would forever be grateful for and cherish throughout my time. I’ve made a video to commemorate the people, the cities, and the times that I’ve experienced while abroad.

Now that I am home, I can say all is swell.


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