Apps that every millennial traveler needs

There’s a ton of apps out there that are made for young travelers, but very few are actually worth downloading. Now I’m not one to have so many apps on their phone (ain’t nobody need that cluster in their life) but the ones below are pretty promising and you’d actually want to use them. These reviews include overview of useful features, aesthetic, level of user friendliness, content, and if it serves it’s purpose well.



Honestly, bless this app. It solves almost all the guessing game of when flights will be cheap and when they start going up. The interface alone is user friendly, clean, and pretty easy to learn. It’s simple to use and gives you features that other apps lack (aka an a dorable bunny mascot). Such as its color coded calendar that tells you which days will be the cheapest or most expensive day to fly out based on the time you are currently looking at flights. If you’re planning a month or two ahead, you’ll probably see a lot more green dates than red ones. Hopper allows you to save and watch the trips that you are planning to go on; push notifications make it easier to keep up to date of their price status.


As a bonus it gives you estimated dates of when they expect prices to go up or when they will drop to their lowest. The rates that are given are pretty accurate. Recently I was looking for flights to Montreal in September (it’s currently July, where has the Summer gone???) When comparing the prices given by Hopper and Air Canada’s listing, the total was only off by a cent or two. Ultimately giving you the best price as promised. You’re able to purchase straight from the app as well, meaning you won’t be redirected to a Safari page (thank god). Other great features include saveable passenger profiles, credit cards, and currency changes.

Culture Trip

Culture Trip is the app where you want local recommendations without the clutter of touristy articles. The blog style media start-up allows you to filter through destinations you’d like to visit and read articles that locals write about said location. The sleek design and simple interface makes it easier for readers to save, share, and read. With each article being written by a local, one can really feel the tone of a city and it’s people.


I do have to say that some articles are redundant themes (we get it people there are awesome coffee shops around); but a positive thing about this is comparing what one person may like to the other. Another thing to consider is that Culture Trip is a new and evolving platform, where some locations may not have as many articles as others. But I do have to say that their beautiful Instagram grid has you wanting more articles to read for your next trip. Ultimately, Culture Trip is giving what the tourist-not-tourist wants when traveling to a new location.

The Infatuation

Saw something delicious on Instagram? It was probably from a place recommended by this super cool platform that I’ve been obsessed with. Think of it this way: The Infatuation is the on trend, in-the-moment, younger sibling of Yelp that everyone loves more and proclaims themselves as a foodie with an Instagram following of +705k. This platform allows you to find restaurants and bars for any occasion (trust me it gets *pretty* specific), any price range, and any distance.


It gives you all of the hidden places that you’ve probably passed by thousands of times before, along with their honest opinion of the most mainstream spots. Similarly to Culture Trip, there are articles and guides of cities that will ensure you will find a great place to eat. The best part about The Infatuation is that they also have a texting service, Text Rex where you text Rex and he decides where you eat that moment. Rex is the chatbot that we actually want guys, because he is powered by -gasp- actual humans. With a visually appealing Instagram aesthetic, creation of the famous hashtag #EEEEEATS, transparent stories both Snapchat and Instagram, and an active Twitter The Infatuation all around will replace that friend that you ask where to take your visiting family to dinner.

Google Photos

G U Y S. Trust me on this one. If you’re someone like me who finds themselves face to face with the dreadful “Storage Full” pop up, well I got a solution for you. Google Photos allows you to save your photos into your your drive that is connected to your Google account. You can get unlimited storage in high quality, or save the original photo and size. Unlike Facebook who is notorious for ruining the quality of pictures, Google keeps its word of having your photos looking sharper than some people’s edges.

Although, I have to say long videos do not process as well. Overall it helps me free up storage all while still having the thousands of photos that I love taking (and others may dislike being in). Some highlights are auto backup, face recognition, sharing, album collaboration, and search. It also provides simple creative deliverables using the photos you have. Such as slide shows, videos, Animations using burst photos, and more. Just to add a side note: their commercial in 2016 was pretty damn good if you ask me. Also, Google Photos is one of the bigger factors of why I might switch over to the Pixel phone, rather than getting a new iPhone. But that’s another story.

There are plentiful apps out there that can make traveling easier and a little bit more personable or customizeable. These apps that I have found through basic article reading, and some even through ads have helped me get through this Summer smoothly. With the help of these apps I can say that all is swell.

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