Cheap A** flights for any kind of getaway

Everyone likes to travel, but everyone knows that airfare will take up the biggest chunk of your budget no matter where your end destination is. Luckily flights are about to drop for the upcoming chillier weather. Whether you like exploring historical sites, looking for adventure and good food, or relaxing on the beach airlines will have something for you besides free peanuts. These three destinations' flights are about to fit your budget and you'll be one happy person.


That's right people, Europe is about to see an influx of tourist after reading this article.  European airline Primera Air is celebrating new routes from the U.S. to Europe with low fare flights. Major cities like Boston and Newark (New York/ New Jersey) are main departure spots to England and France.


Tickets have been posted for sale already and are as low as $99 one-way with daily flights out of Newark and flights that fly out four times a week from Boston.  The airline is expected to announce two more routes by the end of the summer, so keep your eyes peeled people! These two routes are sufficient enough to get you across the Atlantic, and visit more than one city via train or domestic budget airlines.


If you're looking for good food and a little adventure head over to Japan. Refinery 29 has recently found a hack that makes traveling to Japan a lot cheaper. Fly to Nagoya, Japan's once proclaimed "most boring city in Japan." Although, Kyoto and Tokyo are the must visit stops while in Japan, flying to the third largest city will save you some money.pexels-photo-315191 From there a train ride to Tokyo is three hours, and to Kyoto is average 1.5 hours. Nagoya itself is worth visiting for it's cultural history and economic hub. With the typical price reaching as far as $900, these ~$500 flights are totally worth it.


Working on your tan with a drink by your side is always something to look forward to– in my opinion at least. Hawaiian Airlines will now be more accessible with three brand new direct flights from Portland, Oakland, and Los Angeles. ethan-robertson-182542The beautiful Pacific islands will now be easier to get to with new routes, with prices estimated to reach as low at $300 by T+L. With major airlines like United and Southwest making moves to have flights to the sunny state, you'll be on your way to beautiful beaches in no time.

No matter where you decide to travel to or how you travel, timing for buying airfare is key. Trust me once the flights are done

all is swell.

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