I could make this, but I rather pay money for it

We all love food. Without a doubt. But there’s some people who *really* like food. Either because it tastes good or because it looks good. Instagram has propelled the food industry into the next level.

Being a foodie is now an actual job, not to discredit respectable food critiques. The title itself reaks of social media gentrification, but who else are you going to ask for a place to eat when your mom’s cousin’s daughter’s nephew comes into town?

Based on the title of this post, I guess you can say I’m a semi foodie. I like baking, I like making food, but some thing I just say no to. Why? Because I’m too lazy. I rather pay a reasonable price.

Smoothie Bowls

Probably the easiest meal in the world to make. But the effort to make it *pretty* is way too much for me.


Sushi has been around for years, and there is no denying a cult has formed recently for sushi lovers. But the process of getting the fish and fileting itself is a process.


These pretty little patties are so freaking good to eat, but to make is so much work. Almond flour is hard to find in your local supermarket. Plus you can have afternoon tea with them in the garden when you pay for them!


Its five o’clock somewhere. Testing out drinks can be a great time, but making them takes time and a ton of training. If you’re really passionate about mixology be my guest, I rather just be your guinea pig.

Eggs Benedict

My ultimate brunch time favorite meal. The beautiful dish is so good but so time consuming to make. From perfecting the hollindase sauce, to making a perfectly poached egg, it’s a
P R O C E S S.

These dishes are incredibly good but so much work to do. I give all the respect to the people who took the time to learn how to make them. Although, I could learn how to make these dishes I rather have someone make it to perfection and say all is swell.

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