We got to the Keys

Key West man. It is the epitome of a Beach Bum. With chill vibes, tasty fish tacos, and amazing Cuban coffee there really isn’t much more you can ask for. The beaches extend further out into the ocean creating sand bars– ya don’t gotta be 21 for that now. The night life of Duval street keeps buzzing until the early morning. There isn’t much upscale luxury around these parts but that’s what makes Key West, Key West.

If I had to create a motto for this place it would be, “slow and steady gets a cold beer.” That’s probably the best way to describe Key West.

An hour drive south of Fort Lauderdale gets you to the first key, Key Largo. But four hours south gets you to Key West. I’ve only been here about two days and a half, with three more to go. Let me tell you what I love about it so far:

Chill Vibes with Nothing to Hide

Everyone here is so laxed that the craziest thing happening would be a restaurant running out of Key Lime pie. That is a MAJOR issue if it were to ever be true. The locals move slow and steady but with humbleness. To a New Yorker like myself it could be one of the most irritating things ever. And it was, but after a few hours of it I quickly learned that you’d become very bored of the Keys if you were to rush it.

Cuban Influence

Key West is the most southern tip of the United States. Making it the closest point to Cuba. You know those stories of Cubans swimming to America? They were more or less refrencing to them swimming to Key West. There is even a handy buoy that screams “MOST SOUTHERN POINT.” But the Cuban culture has definitely been brought over; with colorful houses that remind us of summer popsicle sticks and the incredible food. There is no way of avoiding it.

Backyards are Restaurants

Yup, there are plentiful restaurants that used to be houses. Seating is mostly taken place in the decorated backyard. Traditionally strung with firefly lights and hand painted picnic tables. Two of my favorite places that we have been to so far are Blue Heaven and Firefly Southern Food. Both have incredibly good food for their price.

All in all Key West is definitely one of the most relaxed trips I have taken. From the people to the food, if you want to be a beach bum, then come to Key West and all is swell.

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