Senior Year Crisis

The time has finally come. The last first day of classes. Senior year has begun and I still can’t find most classrooms. When they say time flies, it really does. Four years ago was my first day of college, and this past Monday was my last first day of college. There’s a lot to say about the experience besides me waking up and going to my usual 9AM.

It’s a feeling that is familiar yet so foreign just because you know you won’t be here in a year’s time. Although it’s extremely early to say how I feel about my entire FIT experience, I can say it was a great one. FIT does have its faults, such as slowly processing transfer credits and the typical spotty housing wifi. But overall the people you meet here are lovely and I’m sure you’ll find a few that you’ll have for life.

The expectations I have for this year is kind of unknown. I don’t know how to exactly feel but to simply just go to class, go to work, and go meet with my friends. I guess it hasn’t really hit me that I am a senior, yet there are thoughts in the back of my mind that resemble fear or anxiousness. Fear of not knowing how this year will treat me. Fear of not knowing where I will be working after graduation. Fear of life after graduation. These feelings are natural. It’s natural to fear the unknown, but the best thing to do is to embrace it and focus on the now to prepare for it.

At the same time I’m excited to be back in New York and start a new school year. To reconnect with friends and make new memories– as cheesy as it sounds. My friends that I have made abroad all live nearby and I’m excited to share this last year of college with them when I can.

It seems that things are falling into place despite the great unknown. With a chin up, and a positive outlook I’m sure all is swell.

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