I’ve been gone.

It’s okay if you haven’t noticed, but thank you reading this now. Going offline for a little over a month has been pretty good. But I do miss it.

The first question you have in your head I already have an answer to: because I wanted space. The space to breathe a little, away from all the clutter and chaos that is known to be on social media. In the cheesiest but simplest fashion: I wanted to find myself again. I realized that after a while it’s easy to fall into a hole of wanting self validation through a like or a comment.

And that’s okay! It’s okay to get that extra confidence boost because you probably do look fantastic in that picture and you deserve it. But after a while people become reliant on it and that’s when it’s problematic– at least for me it is. After reading this article I realized it put my cheesy reason into semi-adultish words.

The nature of the medium makes it-all-too-easy to focus excessively on ourselves at the expenses of others.

The rules were simple: keep the account up, delete the apps, and don’t log on for a month. Easy right? At first it wasn’t,  I realized that I had a lot of “free screen time” on my hands. So I looked into games, found some great apps to keep up with current events, fantastic apps overall, and started new books.

It was refreshing to reconnect with old friends a lot more rather than throwing them a like on their selfie. Having proper conversations and even grabbing coffee. In a way you are humbly reminded why we have certain people in our lives.

In the month and a bit I was gone I was able to do what I like without being distracted of “needing” to document the moment. But this doesn’t mean I didn’t miss it. I do enjoy social media and getting that perfect egg-yolk-porn on camera. I do expect to come back, but to only be involved in small increments. Thus allowing myself to enjoy experiences that are offline and online.

The past month has great breather fromwhere afterwards you can still say

all is swell.

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