Runway27, thank you.

First of all, hi. I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for a month. I know I shouldn’t apologize because it is my blog, but I felt the need to say it. Not many may know this but I have a title. A title that I’m pretty damn proud of after holding it four years ago. Unfortunately, this is my last year having this title and I’m pretty bummed about it.

There is a club at school, one that is probably one of the most intense ones I know in the whole school. It definitely deserves more recognition for what it produces. The club is called Runway27. The purpose of the club surrounds the idea of producing an annual fashion show in the Fall semester. Each show has a different theme and varying looks/outfits are selected to be showcased.

Easy, right? W R O N G.


Runway27 is one of the very few clubs that is able to test their member’s professional and creative skills in a raw way. There are three committees: Public Relations, Merchandising, and Production. The three pillars that produce any spectacular event. The shows are fashion forward (naturally at a fashion school) and engaging.

At this point you maybe be asking what my role is in the club. Well at least you thought about this quicker than my parents (who took FOUR years to come to a single show). I’m the Creative Director of the club. More specifically Creative Director of graphic designs. I produce promotional designs for the show. This includes flyers, pamphlets, Snapchat geo-filters, swag bag designs, photo booth overlay, logos, playbills, and any other graphics seen on social media. It’s a freaking lot.

My first year in the club I was a one man team. Essentially the Wade (ya know from Kim Possible) of Runway27. I made these graphics behind the scenes, without anyone really knowing who I was because I just enjoyed designing on the side. But all at the same time it was extremely stressful. Especially when juggling multiple board members and committee chairs that change annually. To my knowledge I believe I’ve been the only one who has kept their title for all four years. Still the Wade of the club though.

During my second year, I was fortunate enough to have gained a partner designer to help me out with some of the tasks that needed to be done. The following two years (third and fourth) I’ve had new teams that were eager to help out and produced quality work. Even though I don’t show it often, working with my small teams I’ve grown even more attached to the club. It was one that challenged me to produce professional work while also testing my leadership skills.

So Thank you Runway 27. For not only proving that when you act on your courage it goes a long way, but for giving me amazing friends that I can count on. They’re one of a kind and genuine people who want to uplift you every step of the way.

To those who are attending FIT or will be in the near future, please take a look at this club. It may seem like you’re not doing much at first, but when you build up the courage to raise you hand and work your ass off, the results will show and you’ll be able say

all is swell.

Featured photo by Raymond Swift @swiftvisions

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