The Mellow Phase.

I’m going to be honest, this one is going to be a bit of a ramble, bare with me. The intentions I have for writing this post is to let other’s who can relate, that it’s okay to feel the way you feel. (Mom chill, I’m okay I promise!)

The title, three simple words that can mean a lot but at the same time can mean so little. In this post I would liked to address the feeling that I’ve been feeling lately. I’m not exactly sure how to define it but I will try my best to describe it.

It’s the feeling of floating. Floating through life with no real direction but everything feels okay. There is nothing I’m particularly excited about (yet, more news to come in future posts) nor am I sad about anything. Kind of just living and doing what needs to be done. For example, school. I have a whole semester left– which is crazy to me, but at the same time I’m un-phased, surprisingly. Work is moving along well, but sadly coming to a close. Fortunately, next semester I do have another position lined up– which is fantastic, but I don’t think I would be excited about it until it gets closer to my start date.

The best way to describe this phase is mellow. Everything is right, but I’m not exactly sure what to do. There are some trips that I have planned in the future, but they’re not within the timely proximity of being excited. I’ve noticed that I sometimes go through mellow phases and would be frustrated with myself for what seemed like I was doing nothing. Only recently I’ve realized that a mellow phase isn’t necessarily a bad thing or something I should be frustrated with. It should be looked at as a time for opportunity to do things that I didn’t have the time for.

It may sound easy, but its actually pretty dang hard. We must have patience with ourselves to sort what we actually want to accomplish and want in our near future. With a little exploring and a pinch of reflecting I’m sure the mellow phase will fade and you’ll be able to say all is swell.

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