2017, the year of me.

My oh my. How things have changed throughout the year. It definitely was a memorable one. One that holds the best of memories and an abundance of irreplaceable love. More pins were pinned on the map than ever, a never-ending list of new friends, and countless late nights filled with laughter. 2017 thank you for allowing me to define who I am and who I want to be.

The year started off with a brand-new adventure to embark on. January, I was standing in the airport with a luggage and a duffle bag, ready to travel halfway around the world alone. Studying abroad in Florence, Italy has been an absolute dream. To have so much freedom and visit a plethora of beautiful destinations seemed unimaginable. The number of people I’ve met along the way has brought a new set of friends to the table that I will forever cherish.

A picture does not justify the amount of sights I’ve seen during this time. From the sunset at Le Jardin exotique d’Eze in the French Rivera to the sunrise on a Ryanair flight out of Palermo, they’re both views you really can’t forget. My time abroad has allowed me to recognize my eagerness and curiosity for learning about the world and its people. I’ve learned that I’ve love stories. Stories that could be told in various languages but hold the same central meaning. Stories that represent someone’s home or culture. Stories that show one’s vulnerability. Each different, yet unique in its own way.

After returning from across the pond in May, I started my internship at Discovery Communications at the top of July. It was an experience that cannot be replaced or replicated. To be part of a fantastic and competitive program was absolutely rewarding in almost all aspects. The people of the company are genuine and look towards bettering one’s self as a team rather than individualistically. The program has introduced me to more friends that come from various parts of the east coast, as well as professionals who are willing to hear about your goals and ambitions.

The advice they give is personal and relevant as to how to be part of the industry’s community. Overall Discovery Communications has a fantastic internship program that pairs interns with managers who look to enhance the better part of any young professional. The program has taught me that the working world won’t hand opportunities over for free. They’re earned after putting in the work, as well as truly believing in your own work and self.

To top off the end of a fantastic Summer, my family traveled to Key West, which was a whole different experience within itself. The lifestyle that the locals live is incredibly fascinating. To be by the water and have such a relaxed atmosphere constantly is probably the best life to live. There isn’t anything flashy about the Keys. Simple, yet fulfilling. Amazing seafood, mouthwatering Cuban sandwiches, addictive Cuban coffee, and countless dive bars– what more can one ask for?

Rent out a small speed boat and spend the day on the water, or go fishing in the back bay. Walk into the downtown area and have fish tacos with a Corona and head to the beach. If you have a sweet tooth, get a slice of Key Pie after brunch at Blue Haven and enjoy the good vibes it breathes. The very short week I’ve spent in the Keys has instilled a slower much more relaxed streak in my personality. To appreciate quality things in life we must take the time to recognize them at the pace they decide to move at. Rushing the finer things in life would be a waste of energy as well as the subject itself.

Thanksgiving rounded the corner sooner than expected, and that meant one thing. Runway 27’s annual fashion show. It was my last year serving as their Creative Graphic Director; honestly it was bitter sweet. Despite the stressful moments within the club, my overall experience was enriching and one of a kind. I’ve essentially created my own title in the club and the board– thankfully has respected and supported it.

We strive for creative greatness with our graphics as well as in the show. It truly is a group effort in various ways. This final run has made me realize that managing a team is one of the most rewarding things one can do despite the difficulties it brings on. So, thank you Runway 27 for trusting me for the past four years.

As school ramped up again, so did my Fall internship at Discovery Communications. I had asked the program coordinator if there was a department in the company that would need extra help in the upcoming semester. I was eager to learn more about almost any aspect of the media industry as well as the company. Courage comes with knowing what you want; knowing what you want is a whole other story.

I’m thankful for the Consumer Products department here in New York. Not only have they taken me in for the semester but they’ve trusted me with assignments that are used in practice, and has supported me in a majority of my goals, whether or not it is related to their own work. My time with the Consumer Products team has taught me how to work with a dynamic team in real time, while actively contributing to the industry. We’re a small team but we go out with a bang!

This one has been a rather lengthy post, but I felt that it was needed to wrap up this crazy year. Every year there is a down, but how we make of it is what keeps us from going up and saying

all is swell.

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