Why you should cruise

I know I’m late but happy new year! 2018 is going to be a good one. I can feel it—a lot of big changes to come. Most importantly a lot of new travels! I’m super excited to write about the adventures this year has in store. With that at hand, this post is going to the answer the question my family gets often when it comes to traveling. “Why do you guys cruise so often?” Plain and simple: it’s easy.Everyone has probably thought about a cruise as an option for vacation. The commercials seem fun and action packed. There’s the kids running around, the fancy white table cloth dinners, bartenders pouring drinks, and ALWAYS a zip-lining or water slide shot. It all looks too good to be true, right? Well, let me tell you they’re not *that * exciting, they are fun, but it’s what you make of it essentially. When cruising your housing, food, and transportation is covered. AKA the three main budget guzzlers. The rest is up to you!


When choosing which cruise line to sail with a great foundation to follow by is the destinations that the ship will stop at, or the type of party you’re traveling with. We tend to lean more towards Royal Caribbean, especially if we are traveling with a larger group. Royal seems to have a livelier itinerary and greater amenities. They’re a great line to cruise with if you’re traveling with family or for a special occasion. Their new ships are bigger than ever and can be overly flashy at times. Overall a great company to go with for families and varying group sizes.


If you’re a youngster looking to travel with friends and make new ones while on the ship, Carnival is the line to go with. This line usually draws in a younger crowd due to its slightly lower price point, and the number of islands it hits in one week. Carnival’s ships are nice, yet not flashy. To say the least they are a great starter cruise line if you’re a first-time cruiser. You would have a great time exploring the new medium of travel, while also learning what you like and what you would like more out of a cruise.

My family has been fortunate enough to experience a few different lines, including the two above. These two are our favorite due to their accessibility to various locations in a week, their onboard activities, and overall experience. When it comes to cruising it’s definitely a different lifestyle. You’re allowed to let your freak flag fly and kind of just let go. To really enjoy yourself I highly recommend embracing the cheesiness of the activities (mostly line dancing honestly) and onboard entertainment. Once you’re able to do that it will definitely be a good time. Explore the ship, pop into the varying onboard activities they have, and make new friends.


Whoever you choose to sail with, wherever you sail to make the best of your time because remember you’re all stuck on the same boat. Embrace the cheesiness, have a couple of drinks, eat as much as you want and by the end of the week you’ll be saying

all is swell.

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