This stuff is hard, but its exciting.

I’m so excited for these things that I’m not really sure how to channel it. It feel like a new beginning or in a way finding myself again. Either way it’s an incredible feeling to be able to pick up from where I left off.I was at dinner the other night when I was asked a question that I get often,” what made you start the blog? If you’re not studying abroad anymore why continue on with it?” Answering the first part was simple, I wanted to document my travels abroad with a new type of medium that wouldn’t be costly, time consuming, and most importantly mobile. It took me a moment to answer the second question because they’re right I wasn’t abroad anymore, I wasn’t traveling every weekend, so why continue the blog? After gathering my thoughts I said, “it lets me breathe.”

Here is a little background on me that some may not know, I use to do a lot of art. I attended art classes on Saturdays, was an art major in middle school, auditioned to the art program in the Fame school and got in. My parents knew I wasn’t the best at school and taken after my dad, they noticed I had an interest in art pretty early on. This of course excited my dad, and is also another example as to why I’m my father’s daughter.

Art was my way of allowing myself to be as creative as I wanted to and express how I was feeling. It also empowered all of the visually creative ideas I had in my head. High School really allowed me to explore different mediums to create these ideas; but at the same time it made me realize that I didn’t want to do art for a living. With the amount of amazingly talented individuals graduating from the school, I knew I wouldn’t be like them. Turning art into a career wasn’t within my interest because I didn’t have the same drive and passion for field than they did. I wanted my career to bring ideas to life and have meaning to them– but we can discuss this in another post. Eventually my practice towards art kind of faded out.

To circle back to the question as to why I keep this blog running a year after abroad, I wanted something to do that picked my brain while also giving me the freedom to basically do what I want. Writing is hard, to come up with a schedule and sticking to it is even more difficult. These topics don’t come out of thin air ya know! What made me really pushed me to write this post was a conversation I was having with my friend Riane about our upcoming trip for Spring Break.


My excitement for the trips I have planned this year has made me want to not just write more but produce more. Produce more travel videos, vlog style videos, more film photography. Ultimately tying back to the visual work that I use to produce on my portfolio. With these long flights ahead I’ll have the time to edit videos and have them up and running on the channel. Film photography might take a bit more time, but excited for it nonetheless.

Next week Tracy will be on a flight to Berlin, Germany all on her own. She will be studying there for her last trimester of her freshman year. I hope the time she has there will allow her to explore different ways of expressing herself. Whether it is through art, writing, or reflecting upon herself. She started a blog to document her travels abroad (I wonder who gave her that idea.) Go have a look at her blog and show her some love! #tracestrails


The first trip of the year is in next week, and my friend Jess and I are traveling up to Montreal! This year’s travels have a theme to it, but the MTL is the only one that doesn’t fit into it so far. I’m super excited for it all, and I hope you as a reader will enjoy the content that I produce. thats just a bit of how I’ve been feeling on my end, I hope your end all is swell.

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