“If you’re not in the know, you’re not going anywhere.” A professor I had made this statement and continued to explain that if we weren’t current with the industry than we aren’t as progressive as we claim in our improvised interviews. Since then I’ve been keeping up with the trade and I was actually interested in the articles I was reading. They’re great discussion topics to bring up in interviews or even in casual conversation with friends (if you’re into that). So, I figured since I enjoy reading these articles why not share a few every week. This brings us to Kelly Talks About Business Shit, #KTABS. Enjoy

Trending on Social Media:

Twitter is making a point to verify accounts of prominent students survivors of Parkland

  • Student survivors of the Parkland, Florida shooting are louder than ever on social media, and they’re not alone
  • Through verification of specific accounts, Twitter hopes to gain credibility amongst its users again
  • The platform claims to be actively working to stop users from harassing victims of the shooting

Kanye probably doesn’t ride the subway but he wants you to know #YEEZYSEASON6does

  • Kanye didn’t have a traditional NYFW show for Yeezy Season 6, but rather took it to Instagram for gueriella marketing
  • Kim Kardashian, Jordyn Woods, Paris Hilton, along with selected others were dressed in the brand’s recent season pieces, quickly being known as Klones
  • Kanye took marketing efforts further by plastering screenshots of these Instagram posts onto the walls, turnstiles, and billboards of Penn Station in NYC

Google is testing out changing backgrounds for YouTube Reels

  • In attempts to jump on the Stories bandwagon Google released YouTube Reels on their mobile app in November 2017
  • Google is beta testing a new feature that lets users swap out their background with a new “video segmentation” tool
  • It’s impressive that the network was able to find a way to detect user’s silhouette and detect the foreground in a most likely *moving* video
  • (With all of these stories there might as well be a platform called library to watch them all in one place)

This week in the industry:

Demonetization Day, backed by lesser-known influencers

  • New YT Monetization Criteria: Creators will now need a total of 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers
  • Smaller creators have felt an unfairness with the new standards, considering that YouTube is one of their main sources of income via as revenue
  • This is mainly in efforts to be able to control where a brand’s ads run on suitable content

Vero’s fall might be as fast as it’s rise because it’s actually trash

  • Vero, a social media platform that claims to be the new Facebook and will replace Instagram quickly rose to #1 in the App Store this week
  • What makes them special is that your feed won’t be cluttered with ads, content is fed chronologically, it’s clean interface is “easy to use”, oh and you’ll have to pay a subscription fee for it all
  • The company was not able to handle the large amount of traffic that their Instagram influencer campaign has brought in, ultimately leaving the app to crash and become unresponsive for existing users
  • People also became hesitant about signing up after discovering the CEO’s shameful history of neglecting his employees in previous companies
  • (Personally, I thought it was just a glorified Tumblr, remember him?)

Apple’s Dirty Little Secret: We use Google Cloud for iCloud

  • In January Apple updated on its website hinting that they may have been using Google’s public cloud as aid
  • Periodically Apple would publish a PDF called the “iOS Security Guide,” basically saying that they rely on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services for data storage
  • In the most recent version of the PDF Microsoft Azure is no longer mentioned but replaced with Google Cloud Platform
  • (Welp everyone just has our data now)

Food for thought:

Generation Alpha already wants to be internet famous, and they haven’t even hit puberty

  • Generation Alpha are individuals who were born after 2010 or 2011
  • Gen Alpha is being introduced to influencers early on in life and has picked up their patterns (ie randomly saying, “don’t forget to like and subscribe!”)
  • Most watched content categories include toy unboxings, how to make slime, and cartoons
  • (Kind of scary)

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