Redeeming Montreal: The List

There are multiple cities that I have visited before. Most once, some twice, but Montreal? Five times. The first four times I wasn’t able to get around to see some of the things that I wanted to see due to the weather, or because I was visiting friends and usually had a separate itinerary.

This past weekend Jess and I took this weekend trip up north to escape the stress of work and being an overall new adult. Let me tell you, when I said we did it all, we did it all. Well for the most part.

I wrote a longer post detailing what we had done and about the festivals that we visited. You can read that here. But this post will list out those activities with out ratings. Regardless, I hope you visit Montreal and maybe even some of these places! There is definitely more to see, but you will be able to say that on your trip all is swell.


HOSTEL: Le Gite du Plateau Mont-Royal

MTLDuo Rating: 8/10

  • Keep in mind it is a hostel, but a great one at that!
  • Super friendly and helpful staff
  • Clean with home-like vibes
  • Location is walkable to almost everything!

HOTEL: Parc Suites Hotel

MTLDuo Rating: 7/10

  • If you have an extra little cash and want to stay in a nice hotel this is the place to be
  • The rooms are decently sized with either a king or queen bed
  • Includes a kitchenette and private bathroom
  • Our room smelled like cigarettes by the window
  • Either the heat was not turned on or we didn’t realize we needed to turn it on ourselves

Things to Do: Tier 1

Mont Royal

MTLDuo Rating: 8/10

  • It’s a great hike up the mountain to the look-out point
  • Visit to see the sunrise, not sunset because you will be on the wrong side of the mountain
  • There is a park with grass where you can have a picnic or simply sunbathe
  • GO IN THE SPRING OR SUMMER. NOT WINTER (trust us we have first hand experience)

Montreal Biodome

MTLDuo Rating: 6.5-7/10

  • If you enjoy aquariums or zoos then definitely visist
  • If you’re not it’s still worth visiting the area it is in because the Olympic Park is next to it and a great spot for summer walks
  • Be warned there will be A LOT of children, so go during the middle of the week or at off hours!

Old Montreal

20180302_145020MTLDuo Rating: 8/10

  • You’ll fall in love with the cobble stone streets and little boutiques
  • Will definitely make you feel like you’re in Europe
  • Walk or bike along the water!
  • Spring or Summer time will be more enjoyable than Winter!

La Grande Roue de Montréal

MTLDuo Rating: 6/10

  • It was a bit pricey even with a student discount ($21.25)
  • Right on the water, so a ride up would promise great pictures
  • A great way to rest your feet honestly

Mile End

MTLDuo Rating: 7/10

  • A great neighborhood to explore, it is the Park Slope of Montreal
  • Visit local thrift shops
  • Conduct a bagel-off between St. Viateur Bagel and Fairmount Bagels

Eva B

20180303_160045MTLDuo Rating: 10/10

  • This isn’t necessarily a must see in general, but it is for us
  • Super grungey artistic market
  • $1 vegan tapas, or 12 for $10!
  • Thrift and costume shop on the second and third floor

Notre-Dame Basilica

MTLDuo Rating: 8/10

  • There is a $6 entry fee, not too bad
  • The interior is stunning
  • There are guided tours for an extra fee
  • After 6PM there is a light show/tour that requires a $25 entry fee
  • The $6 entry will not longer be available after 6PM

Boul St. Laurent

MTLDuo Rating: 10/10

  • The main street for night clubs, bars, and food
  • All of the college kids can be found on this street almost every night
  • Probably best to look for a place to stay in this area!

Rue St. Denis

MTLDup Rating: 9/10

  • A street with great bars and great restaurants
  • Similar to St. Marks in NYC, but a longer block
  • LOTS of sushi


MTLDuo Rating: 6.5/10

  • Smaller than NYC’s Chinatown but does the job
  • Tiny knick-knack shops
  • There is dim sum, baos, bubble tea, and dumplings
  • Some are overly priced compared to what you can get in NYC, so you will need to search a bit for a decently priced place to eat

Things to Do: Tier 2

Market Atwater

20180302_143229MTLDuo Rating: 6.5/10

  • It was great to see where the local shops and various types of food
  • Nothing too wow but a nice spot to grab a quick bite!

Marché Bonsecours

20180302_164409MTLDuo Rating: 5/10

  • The shops were incredibly disappointing, they screamed tourist trap
  • The exterior and courtyard are great for group photos
  • Other than admiring the architecture, you can definitely pass on this one

Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art

snapchat-1077369947.jpgMTLDuo Rating: 7/10

  • If you have a more relaxed day and enjoy art, definitely visit
  • It’s $12 for students, but after 6PM it is free for some exhibits!
  • We visited the Leonard Cohen exhibition that was taking place, we do not regret it

Rue Ste. Catherine

MTLDuo Rating: 7/10

  • A street known for shopping
  • You can find stores that are in the U.S. on this street
  • Keep in mind, technically things are cheaper due to the conversion rate!
  • Can be classified as the Herald Square of MTL

Eat Here

Tim Horton’s,

MTLDuo Rating: 15/10

  • This place will l i t e r a l l y ruin your life
  • You will be disgusted by Dunkin Donuts (or what we call Domestic Disappointment now)
  • It is so freaking cheap
  • There are so many you can’t escape it

Frites Alors

Snapchat-1699964427MTLDuo Rating: 7/10

  • Okay first off, we know this is a chain
  • Secondly, you can scold us because we only ate poutine from here be cause it was 3AM and they were open
  • There are definitely better poutine places, but this place is pretty cheap

St. Viateur Bagels

20180303_120741MTLDuo Rating: 9/10

  • The bagels are fresh and warm
  • .96 cents for an everything bagel!!
  • You cannot but a bagel with cream cheese or butter on it, but there are single servings available for purchase
  • No seating

Fairmount Bagels

20180303_124021MTLDuo Rating: 10/10

  • The bagels are not warm, but they are tastier
  • We cast our vote for Fairmount in the never ending rivalry with St. Viateur
  • You cannot but a bagel with cream cheese or butter on it, but there are single servings available for purchase
  • No seating

Eva B

20180303_161930.jpgMTLDuo Rating: 10/10

  • This isn’t necessarily a must see in general, but it is for us
  • Super grungey artistic market
  • $1 vegan tapas, or 12 for $10!
  • Thrift and costume shop on the second and third floor
  • T A P A S

La Demande Generale

MTLDuo Rating: 6.5/10

  • The vibe was a bit confusing, where they were .casual but an upscale casual
  • A place for a first date or to take your parents to
  • Decent food that was overly priced in our opinion


MTLDuo Rating: 6.5/10

  • Baos and dim sum are incredibly expensive compared to NYC
  • We were only able to get baos for our bus ride
    • They were dissapointing
  • But there is one Taiwanese shop that sells cute animals baos!

Drink Here


MTLDuo Rating: 7/10

  • A bistro during the day, a bar at night
  • Great vibes for brunch
  • Averagely priced drinks that are strong
  • Small space and can get super crowded
  • An okay play list
  • No coatcheck
  • No cover if you know the password and are on a guest list

Cafe Campus

MTLDuo Rating: 8/10

  • A club that yes can be filled with freshmen or obnoxious US students visiting their one friend studying in MTL
  • BUT it is a safe choice to go when no one can make up their mind
  • Solid playlist that is consistent, but the DJ does change from now and then
  • Averagely priced drinks that are weak
  • Big dance floor, second floor balcony over looking it
  • There is coat check
  • $10 cover fee


MTLDuo Rating: 7/10

  • guests can bring their skateboard and dive into the skate bowl that is in the middle of the bar
  • Grungey, punk, skater vibes with stickers all over the wall
  • Averagely priced drinks that decent
  • Can get crowded
  • Mixed playlist
  • There is coat check
  • $5 cover fee

Bifteck Bar

MTLDuo Rating: 7/10

  • The go-to spot to meet up with your friends before the night really begins
  • Cheaply priced drinks that are strong
  • Pool tables are set up for use
  • Free bowls of popcorn to snack on
  • An alternative playlist is usually going
  • No coat check
  • No cover

Don B Comber

MTLDuo Rating: 6.5/10

  • Literally the narrowest bar/lounge we’ve ever been too
  • Incredibly crowded and filled with freshmen that jump to every song because they do not know how to dance
  • Averagely priced drinks that are decent
  • A lot of throwback songs you really can’t dance to
  • There is coat check
  • $10 cover

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