“If you’re not in the know, you’re not going anywhere.” In almost all of my professional experiences I had curated and delivered countless industry newsletter. Whether it be internally or to customers. I eventually started reading trade articles on my own. But then it came to me, “why not create my own?” This is #KTABS, where Kelly Talks About Business Shit.

Trending on Social Media:

Instagram has quietly launches a portrait feature 

instagram-portrait-mode (1)

  • Users are increasingly recording content with the in-app Stories cameras in Instagram and Snapchat that offer advanced editing and special effects
  • Portrait mode allows users to take high definition photos that focus on selective subjects, much like iPhone’s portrait mode
  • Portrait mode could push Instagram back to its classier roots by enhancing and encouraging creative content

Twitter buys its first ever TV Ad during the Oscars for #HereWeAre


  • Twitter made its television debut at the Oscars with a commercial spot
  • The spot raises awareness of recent discrimination against females in the entertainment industry
  • Twitter takes a stand with a new hashtag, #HereWeAre in addition to the movements own hashtag #TimesUp

This week in the industry:

Google sells Zagat to The Infatuation, aka the cooler and younger Yelp


  • Zagat was bought by Google in 2009 for $151 million
  • In January Google had announced that Zagat was up for grabs after 7 years, The Infatuation rose their wallets
  • Critics are wondering if The Infatuation, a nine year old in-house team of reviewers covering restaurants, will be able to keep Zagat relevant

Horizon Media and Tempo Partner to Launch and Scale Mobile App-based Monetization for Influencers and Brands


  • Horizon Media and Tempo, a Software-as-a-Service platforms link up to increase the number of online influencers and brands through channel/campaign management
  • The duo’s goal is to encourage and help leading influencers and content creators in creating and launching their own app (think KKW or Taylor Swift) and further monetize their content
  • Tempo’s innovative mobile platform will be available to clients of Horizon Media

Blackberry is making a comeback, with a lawsuit against Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram (but they also have a new phone line? Pero like why?)


  • Blackberry on Tuesday filed for a patent infringement against Facebook for their using their technology for Instagram and WhatsApp
  • Facebook has stated that they look to fight the lawsuit
  • Back in February 2017 Blackberry had also filed a suit against Nokia for infringement of patents of 3G and 4G wireless technology

Food for thought:

Google Maps Now Has 11 Disney Parks on Street View


  • Google announced on Tuesday that it has added 11 new street views of the happiest place on earth in California and Florida
  • Previously only Disney Paris was available on Google
  • Save your money for a different Spring Break, and enjoy Disney from home

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