“If you’re not in the know, you’re not going anywhere.” In almost all of my professional experiences I had curated and delivered countless industry newsletter. Whether it be internally or to customers. I eventually started reading trade articles on my own. But then it came to me, “why not create my own?” This is #KTABS, where Kelly Talks About Business Shit.Trending on Social Media:

Snapchat makes a debut on your television


  • In efforts to continue their brand growth as a camera company Snapchat rolls ours a televised campaign
  • In the 60-second spot Snap portrays the app as the camera that enhances your memories
  • The ad also shows older generations using the app with various features such as lens, maps, and AR lens

Snapchat takes full advantage of Facebook’s data breach on April Fool’s

twarren_snapchataprilfools2018.0 (1)

  • On April 1st in the spirit of April Fool’s Day Snapchat rolled out a filter that overlayed your photo with Facebook’s interface
  • In the details of the filter, the likes made on the “post” would be from “your mum” or “a bot”
  • This takes a jab at the recent data breach that Facebook is experiencing and their older user demographic

Snapchat rolls out multi-user video chat and mentions


  • This week Snapchat rolled out new features that we’ve all been waiting for: multi-user video chat and mentions
  • Video chatting can go up to 16 people, while audio calls can go up to 32 people (group chats are a mess already please stop)
  • You can now mention people in your stories, additionally viewers of your story can add the person mentioned by swiping up on that snap


This week in the industry:

Fullscreen Media Acquires Influencer Marketing Platform, Reelio


  • Reelio is a data-driven influencer marketing platform connecting brands with online creators who reach Millenials and Gen-Z viewers
  • “This acquisition puts data science squarely at the heart of Fullscreen’s business in a way that will significantly benefit our brand clients, as well as current and future creators in the Fullscreen network.”
  • With the combination of Reelio’s technology and Fullscreen’s ability to continuously build strong ROI, together we look to complete solution for the future of brand marketing.

Spotify is public and they’re proud


  • On Tuesday the company closed at $146.60, up 12% than the reference prices of $132
  • “Though Spotify counts nearly 90 million free listeners, it only makes around 10 percent of its total annual revenue from advertising to those free users.”
  • This pressure makes their future uncertain due to the need of growth in conversion

Food for thought:

4/20 is a date marketers should be planning and looking towards


  • One by one state laws are becoming more tolerable of cannabis products
  • To name a few: Massachusetts, Maine, California, Washington, and Colorado
  • “That will require strategies that go way beyond engagement and loyalty barriers like sugar content and pH levels,”Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys founder and president on cannabis marketing

Social Media is Fueling the Economy


  • Social media has worked wonders for the economy where new jobs were formed, pushed brands to think outside of the box, and find new audiences
  • Brands are able to expand concepts and campaigns globally easier and in a more effective way
  • the average customer spends up to 9 hours a day on social media

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  1. Hey Kelly,

    Really interested article. I must admit it’s little over my head but I’m very impressed by it. It also makes me realize how remote I’m from the current social media “knows”. But very Nice work!👍 The only thing I’m not too sure is using the word Shit. Maybe I’m old school but it still seems unprofessional to me. But then it might be it’s acceptable with your generation and the current social media trend. But again I enjoyed the article and proud of your work! Keep them coming! 👍💪😍

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