KTABS 4/20

“If you’re not in the know, you’re not going anywhere.” In almost all of my professional experiences I had curated and delivered countless industry newsletter. Whether it be internally or to customers. I eventually started reading trade articles on my own. But then it came to me, “why not create my own?” This is #KTABS, where Kelly Talks About Business Shit.

Trending on Social Media:

Instagram still lacks “Download Your Information” tool


China’s #IAmGay movement fights back homosexual ban


  • China’s Facebook, Weibo released a statement saying the app will undergo a three month “clean-up” of content that was vulgar, violent, oh and had to do anything with homosexuality
  • This “clean-up” is suspected to be part of a leadership agenda where homosexuality is usually targeted against by the government
  • The LGBT community took a stand and made their voices heard online against this ban using the hashtag #IAmGay
  • The movement was impactful, ultimately leaving Weibo to release a statement saying the cleanse will no longer include gay content

HQ Trivia Gets Social


  • HQ Trivia created by the guys who created Vine is a in-real-time trivia app where users worldwide can climb there way to the top to win cash
  • The trivia hub finally released a feature called “Friends on HQ,” despite bringing users into one central place, the app lacked a social aspect
  • The feature allows users to connect with family and friends who also play, and track their progression within the app

This week in the industry:

Martin Sorrell Resigns as CEO of WPP after 33 years


  • WPP, the largest advertising firm in the world confirmed that Sorrell has stepped down from his 33 year reign, effective immediately
  • This follows WPP’s internal investigation on Sorrell’s “personal misconduct”
  • “Wunderman CEO Mark Read and Andrew Scott, who is WPP’s corporate development director and chief operating officer for Europe, will share the chief operating officer role. “

Twitter is with the Hill in backing the Honest Ad Act

Honest Ads Act

  • The Honest Ad Act was proposed last year after noise on Russian operated political ads were found on social media
  • The act would impose ad transparency requirements on social media, websites, and ad networks that see more than 500M users monthly
  • With the recent Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, there has been more pressure for Zuckerberg to commit to the bill. He finally did last Friday.

What Consumers Expect from Brands in Social Conversations


  • “75 percent of global consumers expect brands to contribute to their well-being and quality of life”
  • 71% of millennials are hopeful that business will drive social and enviormental change
  • 80% would support issues by buying from socially conscious online retailers

Food for thought:

Playing with less toys are better for kids


  • The journal, Infant Behavior and Development published a study that experimented on 36 infants between the ages 18 months and 30 months
  • The infants were separated into parties that played with either 16 toys or four toys; infants that played with four toys gained more quality play time than those with 16
  • The study concluded that fewer toys allows infants to focus on each toy for longer, “allowing better focus to explore and play more creatively.”
  • What does this mean for the toy industry? We all saw how the U.S. biggest toy distributor went down.

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